Air, sacrifice, ritual

Hi Brandy,

These past 2 rehearsals have shifted into a time and space to explore ritual and the sacred. walking ritual, prayer, sacrifice are some of the things I’ve invited into rehearsal.

The sounding body morphed from human to animal, from animal to human. Crawling, bowing, prostration…

I remember Eid al Adha, the festival of sacrifice in Islam.

Eid Al Adha

I’ve been continuing my stumbling dance practice, being pushed around by invisible forces, losing my footing.

Air, flying, suspension and flow have crept in also, making their way into the room with me, seeping in from traces of your aerial practice perhaps…

Do you know Lena Chamamyan?

I’ve played with costumes, which I rarely do… trying on different outfits…

The wall has been attracting me, a surface to place my body on, parts of the body, a vertical surface perpendicular to the floor, the meeting of the upright and the horizontal…

I’m sensing a warm presence from you, reassuring. I am now excited about our upcoming performances, but also nervous about the unexpected, meeting your body and presence in this new space that we will share together in a couple of days – all in front of an invited audience. Sharing intimately for the first time, you and me, with friends, peers and strangers alike.

See you soon.

xo meryem


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