Sacrificing Choreography

Walking practice to Tibetan Drum Meditation with Theta Brain Waves.  Allowing the body to take time and be with space.  Letting it soften and tune, letting it listen.  Allowing the body to settle and in that settling to become all eyes, all ears, eyes and ears that want nothing.

A friend of mine, Victor Ladron de Guevara, wrote these lines in a writing/performance workshop I was in this summer (I hope I am quoting him correctly…the funny thing about memory’s impressionist and revisionist nature)

“he danced a waltz that tasted of nothing”

In the same workshop I wrote

“this is the kind of silence that can only come after a great noise”

These lines filter through my head, my body as I explore the walking practice. Animal, human, animal, human. Ritual. Sacrifice (I guess we are literally sacrificing the traditional notion of choreography in this process/piece) These also haunt my practice. The ritual of walking: as pilgrimage, as meditation, as protest, as a continuous experience of space and time,

Also other things: nervousness, excitement, doubt …and like all other ideas/ voices or judgement of uncertainty I allow them to have their space, acknowledge them democratically as any other possibility on the spectrum of possibilities and I continue to pour, morph, mold, listen and receive with my body from and to yours.  It is all sensation and clearing and in these spaces are flashes: of images, of small sections, of future visions, somehow, in some way, revealing what we are making, what it may be, what it could be.  It feels like you are more and more in the room with me each time.

xxo b

One thought on “Sacrificing Choreography

  1. Yes, the doubt, the uncertainty, is there present, alongside the certainty and trust in the process of making and then performing. I feel you more and more with me as well. This morning was chaotic, bombarded by ideas and what if’s, possibilities and potentialities. The censor, editing voice is present as well. Reason, fear, but also surrender and acceptance of what is now. See you soon. xo meryem

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