Performative Spaces of Togetherness

The days of sitting quietly in a chair, in a theatre, in black have long been over.  This structure may be a default template left over from a divergence between performance as a community ritual and participatory space to performance as an activity of role division with clear distinctions between watchers and doers. The way we engage with the world has shifted greatly in the last five years  and this shift is being explored in our live performances.

We are participatory creatures by nature, social beasts, and with the use of mobile technology and social media we have amplified our capacity to shape events as they shape us. This structure filters through other aspects of our lives and activities.  This desire to dynamically relate to and affect our present moment manifests in live performance as a search for ways in which  audiences and artists can occupy performative states with each other. The exploration of these spaces looks at social contracts, collaborative agreements and the ritual spaces of togetherness. It is inclusive and views autonomy and collaboration as existing simultaneously.

I have been working site specifically for the past two years with these ideas in mind: fluid shifts between observation and participation in the performance making. I am interested in creating shared responsibility for the performance event that is embodied rather than purely cerebral or philosophical.  The activation of individual bodies of a diverse community has the potential to  radically shift our awareness collectively.  It brings to the fore front a question that greatly interests me: How do we take care of each other? I am just exploring it through performance.

I create collaborative works that are  interested in ways to destabilize the interface between audience and dancer. I do this by shifting environments where performances happen: thus  my interest in site specific work but I also explore this interface by shifting the theatre spaces… in many ways I am interested in site activation, looking at different ways to light up the present moment between audience and artists no matter what the location.  For me I am not so much interested in what we do for our audiences but rather in what we can do with them, actively and together.


2 thoughts on “Performative Spaces of Togetherness

  1. Thank you for articulating the core of your project so clearly Brandy! Being together has always been the premise, the condition of “live” art. Performance events in the 18th century were one feature of the village square, later becoming the sit-still-in-the-dark form we know so well today. Brandy’s mind is on the pulse of the 21st century as performing arts shift from showing and telling to a model for how we interact together in the world. XDena Davida

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