Artistic Love Letter to Marie France Forcier

Choreographer and Collaborator for Dance Party May 25, 8pm.


I have had the pleasure and honour to work with Marie intensely between the years of 2007-2010 both as a dance artist with my own company, as a commissioning body for her choreography and as a Dramaturge for her own work with Forcier Stage Works.

With my company, Anandam Dancetheatre, Marie has been an integral force in developing two full length works, one in which she was a featured principal dancer.  She is a generous, focused, inspired and versatile collaborator and performer. In my choreography she has fluidly worked in diverse genres ranging from aerial and martial arts, theatrical and dramaturgical approaches to creation and process, Indian dance forms and contemporary dancetheatre paradigms.  Most recently Marie has worked with Anandam on Glaciology: Mobile Works as part of a brave and talented ensemble who created a human glacier on the city streets this past February as part of the 2013 Rhubarb Festival. It is very exciting to have her back as a collaborator and even more so to have her present her own work as part of our Dance Party Series.         

With her own works I have witnessed Marie develop a distinct choreographic voice that evolves from instinct but values specificity, nuance, delicate emotional textures and athletic virtuosity. When experiencing her works I feel physically shifted, rearranged with no easy answers, body buzzing, mind alert. She seeks out creative partnerships that evolve over long periods of time and has created a body of work that is sensitive and compelling. For the May 25th Dance Party series she is showing a new work , Portraiture/ Wreckage,  which takes as an entry point Shakespeare’s The Tempest  to explore family portraits and ship wreckages .

Please  join us on May 25th at 8pm at Anandam’s Home studio of Collective Space for this exciting new work.

as part of  Anandam’s:


Dance Party

a shared evening of works featuring

 Lucy Rupert/Blue Ceiling Dance 


a commissioned solo for Blue Ceiling 

Choreograpahy: Nova Bhattacharya
performed by Lucy Rupert

Marie France Forcier/Forcier Stage Works
Portraiture/ Wreckage 
Choreography: Marie France Forcier
performed by Heather Berry-MacPhail and Justine Comfort 

Kiri Figueiredo 
Duetto Nocturno 
Choreography: Kiri Figueiredo
performed by Daniel McArthur and Kiri Figueiredo

Anandam Dancetheatre
divested negotiation
*please note this work has partial nudity

Choreography: facilitated by Brandy Leary, collaboratively created with the performers and an audience
performed by Louis Laberge Cote, Michael Caldwell, Natasha Danchenko, Marie France Forcier , Brandy Leary and an audience

Date: May 25 th , 8pm (doors open 7:30pm)

Location: Collective Space 221 Sterling Road Studio 5
Tickets: $20/$15 (Artist, Student, Senior) cash only available at the door
Cash Bar


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