cre·a·tion re·lay CCAFT 2015

2015 CCAFT FB Banners DRAFT B3

(r e / l a y)


(n): the action or process of bringing something into existence.


(v): receive and pass on information or a message.

(n): a track and field event in which athletes run a pre-set distance, carrying a baton before passing it onto the next runner.


Our handoff starts with a conceptual invite from Brandy Leary, co-director of CCAFT—summoning the emergence of a 9-person collective for next week’s intensive Creation Relay. The work of the diverse team is facilitated by Anandam Dancetheatre’s Leary and Emanuel Cyr, Montreal-based founder of company Manu C’yrk and co-founder of festival Carmagnole Cabaret.

With an intense list of accomplishments and experience between them, Relay’s founders share responsibility for steering personal and universal questions about creation, form, virtuosity, and the hierarchies of space, time, and leadership. Together the group seeks aesthetic and conceptual confrontation, considering circus arts within a dynamic public sphere. Cyr and Leary set a radical ground and course for paths of creation that may become straight or narrow, sharply cornered, abruptly ended, serpentine, or circular.
Unlike the relay of athletic spectacle, whose goal is to arrive “first at the finish”, CCAFT’s Creation Relay reveals its value through a self-consciously democratic offering, a “public sharing” followed by an open discussion and community potluck on the night of September 25th. The presented activity of eight artists and two directors will map a particular constellation of form, with multivalence on display as a risk, a reward, and a living question. Creation here emerges as a fractal infinitude, like light bouncing off a shattered mirror.

CCAFT 2015 Creation Relay Artists

Mark Segal, Holly Treddenick, Alissa Bonneville, Kirsten Edwards, Scotty Dont, Zoey Gould, Eric Liu, Louis Barbier and Christina Vega Westhoff

Written by CCAFT 2015 Dramaturge Sarah Muehlbauer


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