Porous Identity

Hi Brandy,

Writing from home, 2 days after rehearsal in the studio at collective space. Yesterday was Guru Purnima. We had a special event at the meditation centre with lots of meditation. Unfortunately I had to leave the event early… I’ve been sick.

I’ve been thinking more about morphing and shifting identity. Porous identity.

Automatic writing

Porous identity – allowing memories to shift and create a vivid experience in the present, like sand flowing from one hand to to the other shifting constantly, pouring, pourous – not holding its, flowing, fleeting in the past, morphing to the future, never arriving. Who am I? Is there a need to know who I am as a separate identity? This identity that closes itself from the rest, from the walls of heavy materialism, the matter…

The obsession to create an identity to be understood, recognized, seen. Is this branding?

Is identity about being seen? About being remembered? Morphing identity confuses the expectation. Does a morphing identity erase the “I”?

Porous permeable to outside influences

Aren’t we all and everything?

Here is what I practiced

Bruce’s walk

Continue morphing through movement

Morphing through voicing


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