Transformation is Performed

Dear Meryem,

Morph: undergo or cause to undergo a gradual process of transformation

Metamorphoses: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completey different one, by natural or supernatural means

Morphology: the study of the forms of things

in particular

Biology: the branch of biology that deals with the form of living organisms, and with relationships between their structures


Linguistics: the study of the forms of words

Ology: a subject of study, a branch of knowledge

Morphing, metamorphoses, morphology, ology. Such an interesting proposition to study morphing by not allowing things to come to a completion but allow them to continually become, arise, shift.  A deep listening.  I realize throughout rehearsal I do not actually know when things end or complete…..its amplification shifts, diverts, re invents itself.  My mind softens, nothing necessarily ends, it changes, renews, dissolves, speeds up, slows down, interrupts, frustrates, seduces……

I feel my body morph, pulled by magnetic lines of energy re organizing shifting forms.  I time travel through my histories; a dancing body in India engaged in a never ending plie/chaulk/dharn….bare feet on a dry mud studio, outdoors. A martial body, covered in oil and mud morphing from lion, elephant, horse, peacock, wild boar, fish and serpent.  Hands morphing from gestures, functionality, holding weapons, feeding myself, climbing ropes, climbing trees, mudras, hastas….listening to the pull.

I am never sure when I have arrived or completed a gesture or a position.

Performing transformation, or rather transformation is performed.

Maybe this is what your audience felt?

Is it psychic?  Is it a way of watching?  Is it both?

I watch everything with my full body and full senses.  Sometimes I close my eyes and feel the energy emanating off the stage/space.  I drop into other frequencies. Sometimes I stretch my body across the auditorium and try to merge with the performers, see the work from their eyes, be with them in their bodies.   When I am moving/performing I work from a place of “the body becomes all eyes”….a saying popular in kalarippayattu,  a great movement mantra for me: inner eyes, outer eyes, remembrances of past spaces, future spaces, eyes that shift through time, third eyes, eyes on the palms of my hands, the souls of my feet.

I continue the walking practice, a morphing practice, a reading practice (Exhausting Dance), a sitting meditation practice, a writing practice. I leave you with a short video of a Theyyam I attended 2 years ago in Kerala.  It catches a moment of trance that is transformation performed, possession and morphing. xxo b IMG_2114


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