Verticality – Horizontality

Dear Brandy,

The morphology on the piece of paper – telepathy?

I read this: ‘If I was an artist and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art.’ – Bruce Nauman in conversation with Ian Wallace and Russell Keziere, Vanguard, Vol. 8 #1, 1979

A simple natural act transformed, so as to reevaluate it – like walking. I’ll play with that in the studio next.

On Monday, I got in the collective space for the first time to work on our Psychic Choreography. I associate this space with you, so I felt I was entering your world from being there. Becoming acquainted with the new space, with its history, the smells and traces of your absent presence, and all the bodies that occupy or have occupied that space.

I was paying attention to the silence within the studio, the verticality of the space, and the light. The light spreading on the walls and surfaces on the floor.


I’m continuing to read ‘Exhausting Dance’, now on stumbling dance.

Messiness, falling, temporal and geometrical instability. Verticality and horizontality.

William Pope.L performing crawls, “disturbing proper functioning”. There is a lot in this!

Seismological ground, not stable, not flat.

I used that for some time in the space, in my body, then I started thinking about presence and visibility. What shows in our bodies? What is visible, what can be seen, and what is not seen even if it is present? Am I a colonized body?

visibility – invisibility

concealing – revealing

organized body – disorganized body

western – eastern

what if organization was different? Logic and intellect are associated with organization. What about organization in chaos? Is there organization in devotion?

Then I did a short ballet-centre barre and spent a good chunk of time playing with high legs, flexibility, traveling through space, attempting to embody ahtleticism, using the history of the space as a guide, or to frame it better, my perception of the history of the space as a guiding element. Is there a link between athleticism and organization? And with efficiency? With perfectionism and ideality?

To go back to “morphology”: the word ‘morphologie’ in French is used very often to refer to the general physical constitution of the person, and I heard it a lot when growing up in Morocco in my family circles among women to refer to their shape… with which they were often unhappy with…

– meryem



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