Morphing, Being Seen

Hi Brandy,

This is my entry for today:

From a performance, yesterday —

practicing being seen. being seen by outside eyes on me as I perform. practicing being present, aware, making choices, feeding from what I am aware of. How can I bring more to my awareness to feed the choice making process?

practicing being seen in the process of making choices, being comfortable under the gaze of the outside observer.

one audience member said that she could feel what the performers were feeling or at least had a curiosity and a desire to feel in her body what the performers were feeling in their body. she asked how can that happen? transfer the sensation on a kinesthetic level in 2 individual bodies, from one body to another in the absence of physical contact.

is that psychic?

I also practiced the idea of morphing that I shared with you earlier, borrowed from Meg Stuart. Shifting, never finishing a gesture, a position, an action or movement and morphing it into a new information, constantly shifting, never arriving.


more soon…

xo meryem

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