Sitting, Climbing and Walking in a Exaggerated Manner

July 2 , 2015

Rehearsal Activity/Tasks

1. Sitting Meditation with a focus on opening a center channel, on emptying out in order to be filled, have the potential to be filled, making space for connecting with you.

2. floor and ropes.

3. Working with Bruce Nauman’s Walking score for a long period of time

4. Automatic writing. 5 min (below)

Trying to untangle what I know from what I don’t and bumping into ideas of structure, body, space and rehearsal that I did not really acknowledge or realize I had, how one things follows the next and the conscious reminder to listen more to the stream underneath that does not speak words, but is sensation.  Staying with that place and allowing curiosity to get deeper there.  Not rushing into things or planning how they might arise, but staying. Learning to stay.  Staying as a practice.

I have always been interested in awkward social moments.  Not so much in creating them but in being present with them.  In practicing staying, whatever the moment was and if I just stayed a little bit longer, it would shift to something else.  Awkward is just a veneer for something else.

Proposed Practice for both of us: Working with the exaggerated walking score, keeping specifc spatial orientation but allowing it to be malleable, allowing it to be a base guide.


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