Possession, Soft edges and Blurring

July 7th


Dear Meryem,

I am in Wales.  It is moist, bursting with green, sea side, hills, cliffs and a constant secrete dampness that lingers in the air.  I am here working with an international group of artists, on many things, but also the simplest: how to be present. How to empty out each time to be available to what arises in a moment, in our case, in the performative moment.  How to wait and listen and not try too hard.

As per usual with our band of nomadic artists there is also much food, wine and lengthy discussions about our curiosities, our current work and practices. Last eve our conversation wandered to ideas of working with psychic spaces, shamanistic bodies and magic.  I was asked to define or discuss what I meant by psychic spaces; it is large, porous and undefined already.  This is what I was able to express in the moment:

Psychic spaces are liminal environments that erode a kind of linearness: of time, of location, of only one thing happening at a time.  For me they shift us into larger spheres of awareness, which actually lets us cuddle up to places of not knowing, of void-ness.  They erode concrete separateness.  My feeling is that we are unique variations of some greater source.  I find this is the deepening feeling of non separate-ness that I sense between my body and a landscape, my body and my lover, my body and a tragic situation.  It is, of course, easier to feel this in all the pleasurable places of our life, but I try to find it in the more challenging ones as well: those of conflict, often the hardest as they draw such deep lines about how different we can be, how separate,  as well as the spaces of the absurd: like our proposal: Can we use psychic spaces for artistic practice, dip into some larger unknown for connection, communication, practice and then use our own bodies as filters for that.  Moving from separate to together, or one, or undifferentiated, back to a defined separateness that is deeply changed by our togetherness.

Today my practice will be one of possession.  Can I move and call your body through mine?  Memory, imagination, story, faking, sensing….what is it like to be me, alone but not alone, me but not totally…. Soft, soft edges and blurring.

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