Psychic Rehearsal with Laura Stokes: Tarot/ Writing/ Dancing


Psychic Rehearsal with Laura Stokes

Combination of practice, card reading and writing from Sept 18/19 and 21 2014

Dear Laura,

Today I did us a tarot card reading before practice.  I mediated on our connection, I re read all of our words to each other and spent time just in transmission/reception mode… a state of being , a sort of tuning for psychic frequencies, a human weather vane for the universe, a filter for communications: a state of open frequency where the body is a filter or an amplifier, not searching just existing, with a lot of awareness and a soft curiosity that is not searching, more like the root or essence of curiosity : before curiosity get attached to anything and becomes need.  All mystics are a combination of intellect and wisdom.

The Card draw.

King of Pentacles. Three of Pentacles. Strength. King of Wands. King of Pentacles. Seven of Cups

King of Pentacles

Primary Principle: New enterprises, potentiality and success

Can refer to the success of a creative project

Asks us to remember all manifestations are a product of the divine, higher universal power

Individuals should be prepared to work hard in order to achieve goals but the chosen path is correct

Actions: enterprising, adept, reliable, supporting, steady

Colours: gold, red, green, yellow, blue, salmon

Three of Pentacles

Principal: Skill


Represents the development or proficiencies of ones ability as they are applied in daily life.

Any new enterprise taken on at this time is likely to work to one’s advantage if the individual is willing to apply him or herself to the task

Represents the initial completion of a goal or plan: in this case the fulfillment and manifestation of a creative venture, business or building project

Message of encouragement

At the core of the three of Pentacles is the notion of teamwork

It also points to the importance of feedback to continually improve the work


Primary principal: Personal Power

Governed by Leo

Harnessing of personal power and strength

Quiet strength from with in

Strength, determination, power of the human spirit to over come obsticales

Inner strength and confidence

Possing great strength and stamina and persisitance tempered by an underlying patience and inner calm

You are focused on what you need to do and go about it in a way that demonstrates great composure and maturity

Reflects a compassionate individual

Accepting and easily forgiving of imperfections

Amin lesson is that emotions must be transcended if spiritual wisdom and intuition are to be awakened

Never lose patience with yourself and what you are doing

A balance of the aspects of you that are human, animal and divine

Represents a higher level of consciousness

Offers hopeof connecting your inner and outer strength

When this card appears be assured you have enough endurance to see the task to the end

King of Wands

Represents life and creativity, also honour

Pure Fire Energy

This person takes an idea and challenges the world to match their vision

Visionary and Leader

Has a deep and innate respect for other people

Knows how to bring out the best in others and empower them to deliver his/her vision and goals and knows what will be of benefit to a larger population

Suggests that an opportunity is presenting itself to you and you now have the power to accept opportunities and take on challenges.

King of Pentacles

Primary Principal: Influence


Person of support, often an older man in your life (or coming into your life) that you can trust, it may be an established person. He is avaible to be a good patron and friend.

Financial stability and well being are indicated.

Seven of Cups

Primary Principal: Imagination and Reflection

Make priorities clear, balance day dreaming with practicality

Meditate to sort out the real form the imagined

Chose between many options

Separate yourself from what is real and what is an illusion

Improvisation and Writing: these two processes, writing about the improvisation and free writing about the experience are starting to merge and become blurry. But I like that.  I used James Bunton’s Intro A that I sent you, but for this particular rehearsal I had it playing on a number of different sources: ipod, iphones, stereo, computer.  I placed these sources around the space and started the piece at slightly different times in the composition so there was a layering of memory and sound, history and future predictions (at least sonically) in the practice space.

Backwards walking till it became more and more natural. Labyrinth style, allowing it to lead me, enjoying riding the physics of curves and speed, energizing the back space till the pattern takes over, the back space leads, the labyrinth leads which is not at all about being on auto pilot but about being a vessel responding to larger things than the thoughts of the conscious mind.  Then , like small popcorn exploding all over the surface of my skin, tiny earthquakes beneath the visceral layers of tissue in my body as I am walking, running backwards.  I stop in place feeling the energy emanating, transmitting.  My arms reach up like antenna, fingers slighting twitching, reading the air.  The field of energy felt larger than before, huge in fact, bigger than I could have ever imagined and I was not at the centre of it or even it sources I was just a contributor and a participant, and I could feel you there.

Folded compression.  The density of different layers. The rhythm of different layers. This folded compression must be the seed of the interest in the space of unfolding-ness, it is like the story of how all these structures fit together, it is the magic spaces in between.  Sound layering, sound from different parts of the room, playing to itself, playing to its history, predciting its future.

I am here and you are there. But I can feel you and we are also, simultaneously together.

More tomorrow.




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