Psychic Rehearsal with Laura Stokes

Psychic rehearsal with Laura Stokes from Sept 8th 2014

Automatic writing after Shaking Practice (30 min), improvisation 30 min (ground and rope) and seated mediation (20 min) to establish psychic link with Laura Stokes for our collaboration in Seismology, fall 2014.

Seismolgy with Laura


What is a state?  A state of being, a condition or a context for things to emerge, appear or exist in.  We find ourselves in states from external conditions but also our internal conditions provoke states for us to exist in.  So if a state is the result of both our external and our internal conditions then the body becomes this porous membrane through which states filter.  It becomes a medium, a diving rod, a pathway of transformation and transfiguration, a shaman body.

What is the shaman body?

What is the glacier body?

What is the melting body?

What is the body in the state of losing memory?


In my mediation these are the images that came to me:  I see you wearing a white fur like jacket and underwear, something between animal and vulnerable human in the elements.  There is a web of ropes and loops and you are moving (migrating?) through it between ground and air.  You smell the air, listen to sounds far away (or imagined).  Is it a pilgrimage?  Are you fleeing? Have you lost your way because you cannot remember? You take off you jacket and put it on repeatedly shifting between hot and cold, but it is not enough to cover you and sometimes you have on like a regular jack et and sometimes on your legs, head, etc….no matter what it is not enough to protect you or shield you.   I dream that the audience is lying beneath on their backs look upwards.  I think you are saying things to yourself but also talking to the audience.


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