We Are All Little Earthquakes



Laura Stokes and I are making a work together over a great geographical distance.  We are practicing daily, in differently places and at different times working through telepathic, psychic and shamanistic states, intuition and the internet.  We are excited and we will not see the final fruits until the performance day, at the same time as  the audience on Sept 26th as part of the New Directions Pushing Boundaries evening at CCAFT 2014 (Contemporary Circus Arts Festival of Toronto).

We are looking at shrinking habitats, endangered species, the earth losing her memory, seismic waves and all of our little earth quakes.  It will eventually be part of Anandam’s larger piece Seismology in late Oct.

We are not posting pictures or videos of our separate work but we are sharing our written material.  From my end it is mostly automatic writing after my practice for the day which always involves at least 30 min of a shaking mediation and other agreed upon and hybrid practices we evolve over our time/distance together.

exciting things are coming or at least we are excited.


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