An Artistic Love Letter to Kiri Figueiredo

I met Kiri in an accidental sort of way when she ended up doing some support work for the company during our run of Divergent Dances last summer at the Bata Shoe Museum. I had seen a piece of her choreography earlier that  year as part of Dance Matters and had been really impressed.  I filed that impression away in the place in my brain where artists who pique your interest live in memory and sensation.
I don’t really hold auditions that often for the company anymore.  The artists I seek to work with need a specific set of intense collaborative skills that a short audition process does not reveal for me.  I see a lot of dance in this city and I keep track of artists who are really interesting to me and might be interested in working with Anandam.  This past winter I had to create a piece for the Rhubarb Festival that involved an ensemble of 8 dance artists creating a human glacier that rolled down the city streets, for over an hour in mid February.  I was in need of another collaborator for this work and Kiri immediately came to mind.
Having her in the studio with the company was wonderful. She is a deep and thoughtful collaborator . Open, available and curious in her work, figuring out nuances through physical trial and error, mapping the journey with an incredible present-ness  to the changing  moment.
I am excited that Kiri is sharing her new work ‘duetto nocturno’ in Anandam’s first Dance Party series. Kiri is a smart and instinctive dancer and that intelligence informs her choreography. I had the privilege of seeing a run through yesterday in the space and it is stunning. The work features dance artist Daniel McArthur and  Kiri herself. It combines a virtuosic athleticism with a nuanced gestural language that explores the ways we relate in our intimate, vulnerable, sometimes aggressive and sometimes poetic ways.  It buoyantly floats between these states and finds a sense of resolve in the fact that we are always better when we are together no matter how challenging and scary that process may be. It is an exciting addition to a wonderful evening of contemporary dance.
photo by Omer Yukseker

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