An Artistic Love Letter to Lucy Rupert

I had long been a fan of Lucy’s dance before we actually got a chance to work together.  She is iridescent onstage, like molten diamonds and reminds me of a mythic stallion, strong and sensitive.  Most of all she is really, really interesting to watch as she unfolds specific worlds onstage with precision and emotional depth.
Lucy was involved in Anandam’s Dances for Staircases and Air in 2011 as part of a small chorus and afterward just straight out told me she wanted to be part of the company’s next project.  I like bold. I respect it and I already had a dance crush on her.  She joined the company for last year’s Divergent Dances for Windows and Walls, bravely rolling down stairs, hanging off ropes, dancing in the streets and with an audience in a choreography of unpredictability. It was a wonderful collaboration.
I was so excited when I saw Alaap,  Nova Bhattacharya’s commissioned choreography for Lucy and her company Blue Ceiling Dance.  I am thrilled that it will be part of the first Dance Party series.  It is one of my favorite pieces I have seen this year. Nova has woven this wonderful world of tension and play between her informing vocabulary of Bharatanatyam , the essence of Lucy’s lucy-ness and a precise attentiveness for both dancer and audience.  It is stunning work that takes the mythic and the present moment and unites them in an inspiring way.  Lucy realizes the physical score with an exact, contained energy that has an old wisdom and a shimmering newness. It is not to be missed.


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